Next-Level Therapy Calling
Discover a new era of mental health care communication - Simple, Secure, and Smart.
Easily reach out and connect with clients
Katch is designed for everyone. Your clients don't need to download anything or sign up - simply share your unique Katch link, and they can call you directly from their browser. Barrier-free connection, anytime, anywhere.
Go Beyond Traditional Session Notes
Katch offers AI-powered summaries after each call, capturing actionable items and providing personal communication style insights. These summaries help you understand your clients more deeply, promoting effective therapeutic strategies.
All of your upcoming calls in one place
Directly link your calendar to Katch so all of your client sessions live in one place. Remind clients of their scheduled appointment by waving to them directly before the session.
Robust Calendar Integration
When client needs to connect outside of their normal scheduled appointment, they can send you a Call Request and connect on demand.
Client Calls on Demand

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