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Here are some of the questions you might have about Katch.
How do I add contacts on Katch?
To add a contact to Katch, you must first add their mobile phone number to your contacts list. If they are currently not on the Katch app, you can invite them by going to your Profile and selecting "Invites".
How does availability work?
Availability is an integral part of the Katch experience. Katch uses sources such as: calendar integration, sleep mode and mobility data access to automatically set your status to available or busy within the application.

You can set your availability by going to 'Profile' and toggling either "available" or "busy" to manually set or override your current status.

When you are set to available, you are "Free" to take incoming calls. If you turn off your availability, you are considered "Busy" and you can connect with others the next time you become available.
Do I need contacts on my device to use Katch?
Yes. Currently, Katch connects you with only those who are in your contacts list with mobile phone numbers.
Can I send multiple Katch requests to the same recipient?
Yes. You can send a contact multiple Katch requests. However, we recommend that Katch request topics be concise but specific enough to have a quick conversation about when you both are available.
How do I use my inbox?
Your inbox is where all of your incoming Katch requests will be stored. The counter at the bottom of your screen tells you how many Katch requests you have received that needs to be triaged.
How do I delete a Katch card from Inbox?
You can easily delete Katch requests by swiping left on the card and pressing the 'Decline' icon.

Note: This will permanently delete your Katch from your Inbox and cannot be undone.
Do you have a web-based app?
Unfortunately, we currently do not have a web-based app for Katch at this time.
Do you have Katch for Android?
We are currently hard at work developing for iOS but an Android version of Katch is coming soon. Stay tuned!
How do I change my name or email address displayed in the app?
You can change your name and email displayed in the app by going into 'Profile' and selecting 'Edit Profile' where you can update your profile image, name and email.
How do I get in touch to give feedback or report a bug?
If you have any questions, feedback, or would like to report a bug, we'd love to hear from you. We are always looking to make your experience better here at Katch. You can contact us via email You can also get in touch with us by joining our community on Slack here.

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