Why Audio-Only Calls are the Future of Communication

In a world where video conferencing has become the norm for 1:1 meetings, it's easy to overlook the power of audio-only calls. Remember before the pandemic that any meeting that wasn’t in person was a conference call? At Katch, we believe that audio-only for 1:1 calls offer a more efficient and effective way to communicate, and that's why we've built our platform around them and are hesitant to introduce video.

In case you forgot, here are some of the benefits of audio-only calls:

Better Focus: With audio-only calls, there are no distractions from the background or the participants' appearance. This helps everyone stay focused on the conversation and prevents them from getting sidetracked by visual cues or distractions.
More Comfortable Communication: Some people are uncomfortable being on camera or self-conscious about their appearance, which can hinder effective communication. Audio-only calls allow for more relaxed and natural conversations, which can lead to better communication and stronger relationships.
Less Bandwidth and Data Consumption: Video calls can be a significant drain on bandwidth and data consumption, especially for those with slower internet speeds or limited data plans. Audio-only calls use significantly less data, making them more accessible to a wider audience.
More Inclusive Communication: For those with disabilities, visual impairments or limited access to technology, audio-only calls can be a more inclusive form of communication, allowing them to fully participate in the conversation without any barriers.
Increased Flexibility: Audio calls provide more flexibility than video calls. With audio, folks can take calls on the go, without worrying about location or appearance. This makes it easier to have spontaneous conversations and connect with others in a way that works for their schedule.
At Katch, while video communication that held many of us together during the pandemic, it is not always the best choice for that 1:1 conversation. Take a break from video once and a while and see how you feel. Try Katch today and experience the benefit of audio-only communication. Connect simply.