What's New

Katch beacon and revamped Inbox

Are you free? 
Katchers tap the "katch Beacon" to make themselves available for katch calls.  We made tweaks to the free indicators. If you are free, the "katch Beacon" is filled in and green. When you are not free, the indicator is clear.  You can also see you are free if there is a glow behind a batch or if there is a green ring around your profile icon. 

Prioritizing a katch card 
Katchers can now prioritize a card by swiping to the left and tapping a batch icon.  You can delete a katch by swiping to the right and tapping delete. 

Out tray
We merged the inbox and the out tray. You can now see katches you have sent and katches you have prioritized all in the batch you placed them in. 

Release Log
  • Swap Hamburger to profile photo with indicator when a user is live
  • Update to the katch beacon
  • Changes to how users prioritize katch cards in the inbox 
  • Removed the Outtray and merged it into batches
  • Improvements to the call screen
  • Improvements to the experience for users without an invite
  • Ringtone improvements
  • Improvements to the katch app tutorial
  • Updated the label on the app menu from "Contacts" to "Invites"
  • APNs token fixes
  • Katchers can now resend previously sent invites
  • Bug fix: Fixed duplicate contacts showing up for a user
  • Bug fix: Alerting users when they have yet to grant katch microphone access

Download the latest app build from Testflight here