What's New

App Store release

This version of Katch acts on the feedback from our early users. We made improvements to the entire Katch experience to help you connect with your friends, family, and coworkers.

- Permissions: We improved when and how we ask for permissions related to protecting your privacy including access to your contacts, microphone, and notifications.
- Searching for contacts: We fixed a bug where searching for a contact by name was case-sensitive.
- Security and Privacy: We added labels and shared the details of our security policies. Our goal is to protect your privacy and data. Our goal at Katch
- Availability: You have to be available in a batch (Work, Play, or Urgent) to see who is available in that batch.
- Calls: We fixed a bug where Katch calls were ended if you were getting a phone call.
- Cards at the end of a call: We fixed a bug where Katch cards weren’t marked as complete at the end of a call.
- Decline: We changed the “Delete” button to a “Decline” button.