What's New

Tutorial and Onboarding Improvements

This release included improvements to the katch tutorial to enable katchers to understand how to use the app and revisit the tutorial from the main menu. 

Invite Someone New
Katchers can now invite someone new when they go to send a katch.  You can send a katch to someone in your address book which will prompt them to download katch to connect. 

Last Name
Katchers are also now required to include their last name when creating an account.

Batches on the home screen
We believe that using katch to prioritize your meetings helps you be more productive and unscript your day from calendar meeting blocks. This release included changes to how batches are viewed on the home screen and a user can tap and hold down a batch to make themselves free in that batch from the home screen.  A glow behind a batch indicates that you are free to take calls in that batch. 

Release Log:
  • Last name required
  • Improved katch tutorial 
  • Invite someone new with a katch: A user can invite someone new when sending a katch. 
  • Katch tutorial available for a user from the app menu
  • Back Button: A user can now exit a katch call and navigate the app while on a call. 
  • Bug fixes & Improvements

Download the latest app build from Testflight here