What's New

Communications Engine: Making and Receiving Calls in Katch

This build addresses bug fixes and has usability improvements:

- We rebuilt our communication engine for voice calls within the app. This solution improves app voice quality, UX interactions when starting and ending calls, and the overall experience when connecting on Katch calls.
- Due to the changes in this build, we are deprecating previous builds of Katch which featured our previous communications engine. Users will need to update to make and receive calls using our rebuilt engine.

Fixed Bugs
- Availability in Batches: We made a fix to your availability in batches. Our availability feature allows you to go into “Work” or “Play” to make yourself available for just those cards. We fixed a bug where users were making themselves available in “Work” or “Play” but it wasn’t being saved. You can now set yourself just available for those cards. As a reminder, you are always available for a card if you prioritize it as “Urgent.”

Known Issues
- Users who have BlueTooth devices connected do not automatically get audio out of those devices when they toggle on and off the speaker button when on a call.