We're on a mission to blow up the calendar. Starting with all those rigid, scheduled 1:1 meetings.

Katch helps you find time to connect with the right people, at the right time, for you and for them.

Unscript your day, make more time off-grid, and take meetings in-the-moment.
Break free from your calendar
Set priority levels for meetings/calls, and they happen at the best time for you

"Adaptive" availability for serendipitous communication (goodbye 30-minute blocks)
Open up
moments to maximize your day
Set "office hours" to make yourself available for quick connects

Be "away" for some much-needed mental/physical roaming
Make time for conversations that matter
Important conversations need to happen ASAP and are hard to book

Skip having to reschedule a bunch of meetings to take an urgent call
The inspiration for katch came from a concept the team started at Dots, a mobile game studio, when searching for a way to give the team more time to do work and less time in meetings. Like many startups, Dots instituted "no meetings Friday'' where team members could have ad hoc meetings, but nothing was allowed to be scheduled. Katch is the productization of this concept.
The katch Team
Alessandra Knight

Co-founder & Operations
Edwin Akrong

Co-founder & Product
Paul Murphy

Co-founder & Community
Brennen Awana

Iryna Betancourt

Our small (growing) team is complimented by 50 incredible venture funds and founders who share our passion for saving time.
Our Investors
Aaron Ross | Al Giles | Alex Chung | Alex Macdonald | Amer Alaily | Andy Sleigh | Andy Young | Anthony Eskinazi | Birgir Ragnarsson | Charles Delingpole | Constance Mantle | Ed Zimmerman | Eric Min | Fritz Lanman | Gareth Jefferies | Ian Hogarth | Ivailo Jordanov | James Allgrove | James Simmons | Jason Davis | Leonard Picardo | Lisa Yu | Mandeep Singh | Marc Bhargava | Martin Gould | Matt Hackett | Matt Robinson | Mike Mignano | Misha Gopaul | Patricia Scanlon | Riccardo Bruni | Rob O'Donovan | Roberta Lucca | Sam Cash | Scott Wood | Seb McDermott | Tom Latchford | Tom Savage | Will Neale | Yi Luo
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